7 Strong Reasons Why you need to Consider installing Solar?

7 Strong Reasons Why you need to Consider installing Solar?

  1. Cutting down Electricity Bill – The key reason behind converting your power source to solar energy is to cut down the Electricity bill. Solar Energy is generated from the Sun’s Energy and its absolutely free. Converting your existing energy source to solar is saving on your monthly utility expenses. Which is equivalent to putting money every month into your pocket. It’s an
  2. Revenue from your UnUsed Roof Top – Normally all the Building Roof Top are un-used area. By Installing Solar Power Plant on your roof, you are generating your own sufficient Energy from your Roof Top there by converting your Un-Used Roof Top into a Revenue Generating Machine.
  3. Good Return on Investment (ROI) – Life time of Solar Power Plant is 25-30 years. You get the Return on Investment within 3-5 years depending on the tariff of your Electricity bill. Rest of the years you have FREE power.
  4. Maintenance is Minimal – There is no moving parts in a Solar plant and so the maintenance expense is comparatively very less. You may only need to do system check once in a year just to make sure that everything is performing as required.
  5. Your Contribution to Country – India is the third largest consumer of crude oil in the world, after United States and China. India imports 84% of its oil consumption from outside spending US$ 111.9 billion in 2018-19 oil import. Thinking Long Term Energy Scenario of India, we need to integrate more and more Solar Energy into the India Energy Mix there by Reducing the Dependence of oil import. This money can be used for the development of India and your contribution very important as an India Citizen
  6. Renewable Energy Source – Solar energy is an Inexhaustible Source of Energy. It’s is a good alternative to replace fossil fuel, which is highly pollutant. Solar power is absolutely free, no cost. And it is an infinite supply of Energy source. Whereas estimated fossil fuel reserves will last no more than 45 years.
  7. Environment Friendly – The most important feature of Solar Energy is that it can be generated with out the release of harmful or toxic pollutants. The world is getting over populated and any efforts that can reduce the pollution to the environment helps to save the Mother Earth.

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