E-bikes are available in two types With Gear & without Gear. Frames are made up of Double wall alloy making it lightweight and easy to handle. The rear drive is a 36V/250 brushless DC Motor which drives the cycle. The lithium battery of 36V/13AH is used to power the Motor. It takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Can be charged from the domestic supply of 230V AC. Covers approximately 70 KM for a fully charged battery. The battery is supplied with lock and key and is detachable to charge the battery elsewhere.


  • Silicone Gel Seat Cushion Cover
  • Side Stand
  • USB Charging port in battery
  • Horn with multiple sound options
  • Multifunction LED Display


1. Save Cash
2. Running Cost – 6 Paisa/ KM
3. Eco Friendly
4. Low Maintenance
5. Pollution Free
6. No Need of Driving license
7. No Need of Helmet
8. No Parking Charge
9. No Police Checking
10. No Traffic Jam
11. No age limit
12. No draining of pocket
13. Stylish Product

14. Can run without any effort
15. Be Healthy & Young
16. Have Horn & Indicator
17. Suitable for Exercise & Relaxation
18. Corrosion Free
19. Increased personality
20. Horn & Head light available
21. Highly save product
22. Feather weight
23. Extra battery life
24. Speed 25 KM/ Hr
25. Made India product


Description With Gear Type Without Gear Type
Distance covered by a fully charged


60 KM 70 KM
Suitable for level roads & Hill areas level roads
Loading Capacity 150 Kg 125 Kg
Maximum Speed 25 Km/hr 25 Km/hr
Brake Front & Back –Disc Brake


Front – Disc Brake

Back – V Brake

Weight 20 Kg 20 Kg
Reflectors On both wheels On both wheels
Types 26 x 2.35 26 x 2.35
Light Solar powered LED with inbuilt Battery Solar powered LED with inbuilt Battery


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