Gorilla Fans perfectly blend smart technology and energy efficiency to offer you. With a power-efficient BLDC motor and smart features such as remote-controlled sleep and timer mode.
Gorilla Wall mounted fans offer great air circulation in areas with limited floor space. Our fans are ergonomically designed to offer utmost flexibility to direct the airflow towards any direction of your choice. This oscillating feature helps circulating air over a widespread area. Gorilla fans come with smart remote control and advanced features such as timer mode, sleep mode, and boost mode.
• Super energy efficient BLDC Motor
• Easy speed control using smart remote
• No humming noise
• Consistent performance even at low voltage and power
• 3 years of limited warranty
• Save Rs 1000 – Rs 1500 per year depending on usage

Now smart and energy efficient Gorilla fans are available in 4 sizes

Model 900MM 1050MM 1200MM 1400MM
Span 900mm/36in 1050mm/42in 1200mm/48in 1400mm/56in
Power 28W 32W 28W 35W
Speed 470RPM 430RPM 380RPM 280RPM
Air Delivery 157CMM 210CMM 230CMM 270CMM
Speed Control Speed Control, Boost Mode, Timer & Sleep Mode      
New Models Arrived
Renesa Plus White M
Renesa Oak Wood Light Wings with Black Body
Renesa Plus Brown
Renesa Plus Oak Wood


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