ETC Solar water Heaters Systems comes with three-layered evacuated glass tube which provides insulation and the outer wall is coated with high-grade absorption material. By these, the tubes absorb the maximum sunlight even in cloudy season, results in continuous hot water for your home.
Supreme ETC solar water systems can be a cost-effective way to get continuous hot water for your home. ETC Water heaters come with the advanced technology of three-layered evacuated glass tubes that provides the insulation and outer wall is coated with high-grade absorption material. This arrangement helps to absorb the maximum sunlight to keep water warm for any weather conditions.


    • Better Performance in winter and cloudy days.
    • No Scale formation & No pipe Blockage.
    • Will occur by using salt & hard water.
    • Compressed PUF Insulated storage tank to retain the hot water for more than 48 hrs.
    • Inner tank made of SUS 316L grade surgical steel used in marine applications.

Technical Specifications

Type of collector ETC
Specifications 47×1800 mm
Number of tubes 12,15,18,24,28,35,55
Frame Angle 27 degrees
Inner tank materials Stainless Steel 316L grade
Insulation High quality PUF Materials
Tank volume 100 Ltr. – 500 Ltr.
Outer tank Power coated / Stainless Steel
Number of Persons to use 3-18 Persons


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