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What is Superfan?

Superfan is India’s first super-efficient ceiling fan that consumes only 35W while delivering an air of 230cu.m/minute. It uses a BLDC (Brushless DC) motor that is highly efficient. This type of motor is controlled by patent-pending electronics and Superfan has microcomputer to do the control functions.


    Saves More than 50% Electricity.

  • Remote Operated.
  • Speed does not vary with supply changes – low voltage operation.
  • Inverter Friendly – Works Twice longer, no extra noise, no speed drop.
  • Made in India with two years warranty.

Superfan V1

Model A1
Span 1400mm (56in)
Power 38W
Speed 270RPM
Air Delivery 270CMM
Speed Control T1 Remote, 9 Keys – On/Off, 5 Speeds

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Blue, Brown, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Purple, Silver Grey, White, Yellow


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