Domestic Wind Mills of various sizes ranging from 1.8KW to 10KW is available that can be used to power different application Hotels & resorts, Medium and small-scale industries, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Farmhouses remote area electrification, etc. where Wind is largely available.

Salient Features

  • Low Cut-In wind speed 2.7 m/s to 3.0 m/s
  • Rated high output in low wind speeds 6-8m/s
  • Robust Design 18-20 years designed lifetime
  • Compatible to work in different modes
  • Grid-Interactive
  • Off-grid battery Charging
  • Stand-alone systems
  • High-efficiency alternator with superior Grade Neo-magnets for power generation with 18-20 years of life.
  • Exclusive aero dynamic design profile of the blades along with top grade glossy surface finish with high solid aliphatic urethane coating ensures smooth start up & whisper quite operation even at very high speeds.


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