Record production for SolarTech installed Solar power plants.

In today’s world electrical power is an essential commodity. Previously electricity were produced by burning coal, producing steam to run huge turbines which then runs huge Generators that produced electricity. Power were produced at remote location and then transmitted through huge tower lines to the load centers.

Now the scenario has changed totally.  Electricity is produced locally and then consumed at the same place. This type of decentralized production and usage of electricity is now common and is supported largely through the installation of Solar Power Plants.

The sizing of the solar power plants is done according to the consumption of electricity and the Roof top area where the solar panel is to be place.

Normally an On Grid Solar power plant produces 4 units per day per kilo watt. The size of the power plant is always mentioned by the total wattage of the solar panels installed on the roof.

For example: A 1 KW Solar Power plant will have 4 solar panels of 250Watts.

250 Watts x 4 nos = 1000 Watts or 1 Kilo watt or 1KW

The picture above shows the daily production of a 3KW solar power plant which is installed at the residence of Mr. Muraleedhran S, kalamessary, Ernakulam. The plant was commissioned on 10th Jan 2020. On 22nd the plant recorded the highest production, which can be seen from the graph above. The 3 KW plant produced 18 units per day. A remarkable production on 22nd.

We claim that the 3 KW plant will produce 12 units per day calculating 4 units per kilo watt.

But this plant has surpassed the normal production by 6 units.

This means that more production better Return on Investment (ROI) for the customer.


Madhu Pathanipadam
CEO SolarTech
Energy Auditor
Solar Expert

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