Hybrid renewable energy System combines different sources of power like photovoltaics, Wind turbines, grid, etc with energy storage systems. Hybrid systems provide a high level of energy security through the mix of generation methods and incorporate a storage system like Lithium battery banks.
you get the guaranteed electricity supply of the grid, with the ability to store your excess solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining. This typically reduces your dependence on grid imports by 70% to 95%.
The only difference between a hybrid solar power system and a regular grid-connect system is the addition of batteries and a battery inverter. A hybrid system is generally configured to charge the batteries with excess solar energy – as this is the cheapest form of energy you can get. Once the batteries are full, the excess solar gets sold to the grid, earning you an income.
When there is not enough solar energy to power your home, the battery inverter will do its best to provide power from the battery. If it can’t provide enough power because it is running flat, then the grid will provide the shortfall. Hybrid systems are configured so that your house uses solar first, then battery power, then – as a last resort – grid power.



  • Reduce Electricity Bill
  • Utility Grid accessible
  • Provided with battery back up
  • High maintenance
  • High initial cost