Service Overview

“If you have a reliable grid but your electricity bills are high, then On-Grid Solar Power Plant is recommend for you.”
On-Grid Systems are solar pv systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available. They must connect to the grid to function. They can send excess power generated back to the grid when you are overproducing so you credit it for later use.
On-grid or grid-tie solar systems are by far the most common and widely used by homes and businesses. These systems do not need batteries and use common solar inverters and are connected to the public electricity grid. Any excess solar power that you generate is exported to the electricity grid.
This is what most residential homes will use because you are covered if your solar system under or over-produces in regard to your varying energy needs. All this means for you is that your utility system acts as your battery space. If you are producing more energy with your solar panels or system than you are using, the excess energy is sent to your grid, allowing you to build credit that you can cash out with at the end of the year, in a process called net metering. Being grid-tied is beneficial because you don’t have to buy an expensive battery.


  • Reduction in your Electricity Bill
  • Generate Passive income
  • Potential revenue from your unused rooftop
  • Financial support from Government
  • Net metering – Supply energy to the grid
  • Good return on investment
  • Improved Technology, Energy security
  • Value Addition to your home
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Environment-friendly
  • Monitor energy generation of your power plant with your mobile from any part of the world