Wanted to make your Electricity bill ZERO?

Is It Profitable to spend Money on Solar?

Hai, this is a question I always hear from people planning to install Solar. Is Solar Beneficial? Today through this blog we will be discussing something that you see on many building roofs these days, which always you wanted to know more about, but finding difficulty to understand.

Electricity bills can be a headache. Every monthly or bimonthly you find a shocking high electricity bill. You think “How can I reduce it or get ride of it”? Then the lineman bothering you to pay the electricity bill or face disconnection of electricity to your home. You wounder ” Can I do something about it” . Then the hassle of going to the Electricity office and paying the bill or through Online.

Yes, you can get rid of these hassles.  Yes, you are right, if you install a solar system?

While planning for a solar system, there are many things to look on the Internet for how to put a solar in your home.  On-grid solar, off-grid solar, Inverter system, it can be confusing at times. It is difficult for a common man to understand which is right and wrong.  Especially the technicalities involved and which system to choose from.  Then the investment. Whether it is profitable? We hear all this too often.

We will discuss about this here today.

What do you need to know about solar power plant? And the doubts usually people ask me all the time.

What is the capacity of solar that needs to be installed in a typical home?

How much does it cost?

How long will it take to fix it?

How to install Solar on a sheet roof?

Is power exported to the Grid?

Will I get money out of it?

How to make the electricity bill Zero?

This is what a normal person would like to know.  I shall explain it with an example of one of the consumers who installed solar.

This is an KSEB electricity bill of a person who installed an on-grid solar plant one year ago in Thrissur district. This is the bi-monthly bill before installing Solar and the amount paid on electricity is Rs 8823/-.  How did that come to be?  This is because looking at the electricity bill his one-day average electricity consumption is 17 units.  Knowing this, we asked him to install a 5KW on-grid solar power plant.  Now if you ask why an on-grid plant is selected,


There is no permanent power failure in that area where his house is situated.

They also have a normal inverter system in their home for use during emergency situations.

Considering the usage of such averaging units, we have recommended an on-grid system.

So, with the consent of KSEBL, he installed an on-grid solar power plant with a capacity of 5kw.

Now let’s take a look at the financials.

Total cost of this system is Rs 300,000 (Rupees Three Lakhs) including all costs. The time taken to operate and install the power plant is one month.

See the the electric bill that he got after installing solar at his residence.

Zero, yes you are right. The net payable electricity amount is zero. This bill is given by the KSEB. The Solar plant has supplied all the power consumed by him.

Now let’s look at how he is benefited.

That means in 5 years and 7 months the investment made on the Solar power plant is covered by the electricity charges. The life time of a Solar plant is 25 Years. This is for domestic consumers. For commercial consumers it is 3 years.

Hence the remaining 20 years he can use free electricity



The warranty of a solar panels is 25 years.  Now you can consider whether solar is good for your home.

That is not all,

  1. He is relieved of the headache of electricity bill forever.
  2. He is not worried of the price escalation of electricity
  3. He can use the money saved for other investments
  4. He has done his bit to contribute to the environment by using green energy

 Yes, Solar Power For YOU!!

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