Why you need to Install a Solar Power plant?

There are many reasons you need to think about Solar.

  1. The sun is the power source for the universe and is also an unlimited source of energy. One hour of Sun’s energy falling on earth is enough to power the entire world for one year. There is enormous amount of energy shed by the sun each moment. If we can tap this energy effectively we have the answer to all our power crises.
  2.  60% of India’s Energy source is from coal which is highly polluted and causing damage to the environment. 80% of the oil is imported in India and huge amount of foreign exchange is needed for its purchase. If oil can be replaced by Solar/ Renewable energy, we can save this foreign exchange and use it effectively for the development of the country.
  3. For individuals, our energy/ electricity source is mainly from the Grid power. Solar is another source of power/ electricity. By incorporating Solar energy to your energy portfolio, you can reduce your energy consumption from the Grid thereby reducing your electricity bill.
  4. Supplying excess energy produced from solar to the Grid, you can gain additional revenue from your unused Roof top. This is an asset and will continue to add revenue to your pocket for the next 25 years.
  5. You are insulated from the Electricity price hike from time to time.
  6. Solar is clean, healthy and environmentally friendly.

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